Case study - One stop shop - Virtual Shopping Mall


The customer – a fresh start up company with a great idea to grow on their local market via opening an online shopping mall – where you could buy everything you need at one place, came to us with a request to support their digital efforts into building a digital brand identity through the following activities :

  1. Website (e-commerce website with a custom CMS database)
  2. Marketing plan (both outdoor and digital marketing plan)
  3. Social media approach and advertising
  4. Post design, scheduling, posting and social media engagement
  5. Supporting them through omni-channel marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok
  6. Graphic design, content writing and video design
  7. Organization of giveaways, contests and other promotional activities for lead generation
  8. FB advertising and budgeting
  9. Google ads and targeting
  10. SEO and launching new products on their website
  11. Email marketing campaign

Their ideas and vision of the business, spoke to us in a way we could easily envision their main mission and target audience. Their goal was simple, they have a great product supply, affordable prices, personal company warehouse and they deliver in less than an hour. They needed brand awareness, and they came to the right place.


After a couple of sessions with the founder of the company, carefully listening to their requirements and ideas for the business. We decided to take on an approach that will encompass different marketing strategies both outdoor & digital as their primary goal was to reach to an audience framed within their country.

The approach we took started from the basics which was providing them with a website design and functionally that could support large number of product categories as well as loads of products that could be placed. We decided from the start that organic ranking strategies  need to be implemented whilst working on the website – so each product we would place would have meta-descriptions, backlinks, storage units and tags which would help the search engine increase the ranking on google for the brand. Each of the products would be photographed by our side with a professional camera, the images would all be edited and compressed in size to fit within the database on the website with ease. We started off with basic categories such as a whole supermarket, went from there to pharmacy, auto-corner, pet store, flower shop, bookstore with office supplies and we got up to more than 10.000 products being placed on the website with SEO done.

While our team of developers were busy making sure the websites’ database is properly set up our graphic designers were working on the UI and UX design of each page, taking into account multiple functionalities of the website such as customer journey, user experience and conversion optimization. Our team of digital marketers were customizing a marketing strategy focusing on the following:

  1. Social media posting approach based on a platform and the specific marketing goal of that platform
  2. Social media advertising and promotional discounts plan
  3. Giveaway promo plan and loyalty program
  4. Email marketing campaign onto a database of the initial subscribers or people that purchased some product from the online shopping mall
  5. Video creation (promotional campaigns)
  6. Google ads campaign
  7. Outdoor marketing campaign (via branding of vehicles, radio ad and billboards displayed in the center of the city)
  8. Banners displayed in local online newspapers
  9. Recruitment marketing plan  for the needs of the internal staff of the company
  10. Graphic design of all posts, graphics, booklets, brochures, business cards and needs for the promotional activities and internal staff of the company


Satisfied with the results we’re providing, our ongoing customer, the virtual shopping mall went viral. In less than 2 months it became one of the most requested online delivery services and employed more than 20 people internally to be able to support the viral recognition they got in their country. Their website now has a CMS database that can withhold 10.000 people in a minute on a single page, they have more than 20.000 products and are continuously growing their offerings. They now have a dedicated B2B part as well as the B2C part. Their social media digital presence is growing every day, with more than 62.000 followers in 2 months of existence, more than 1000 reviews on their service and loads of satisfied end users we’re proud to say we are part of the growth plan of the first online shopping mall in Macedonia – ONESTOPSHOP.


Start- ups have always been some of our most exciting projects. It’s times when we can really feel our efforts work while delivering someone’s idea or vision of something that yesterday was just a figment of their imagination. We thrive when being able to show people that their ideas deserve the attention they are getting. It’s just choosing the right tone, the right message, the right platform and style that speaks to your people of interest. We’re keen to make that happen for your business as well, if you want us to be a part of your successful story, reach out at or check out our discounted plan especially customized to support businesses in their starting phases and fill out the get yours form.


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